Toastmasters – Project#5 – YOUR BODY SPEAKS – An Evening at DDA Sports Complex

  • Use stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact to express your message and achieve your speech’s purpose.
  • Make your body language smooth and natural.
TIME: Five to seven minutes.
I had written this speech long time back but did not deliver it as my mentor feared that the content was so easily available online. I could not help it. I thought of topic and as I googled it, there were many results. Anyway, I tried my best to make it as original as possible.
I also used printouts for each category and pasted them asking the audience to guess the type by looking at picture. Here it goes…
An Evening at DDA Sports Complex
Every evening, my mother in law gets ready and calls – “Chalo Ricky”. Ricky ignores and keep on hanging in between my knees or on the pockets of my jeans. He continuously repeats – ‘Ma, ma, ma”. Reason? Because, I have the car keys in my hand. So I would be going out!. The car keys switch hands and Ricky’s hanging garden switches along with that. We start the engine and steer ahead to Ricky’s favorite place – The sports complex. The moment you step into a sports complex, I cannot help but notice the different types of mommies over there. I have tried and categorized them into 5 common categories. Obviously, there are more moms than papas. May be this is the reason I would be referring mom and not papa. Of course the points I noticed applies to papa as well.  
The first and most looked up to is the –
The Super fit/unfit mom
Well, be it a boy or a girl, we cannot “not turn around to get jealous or admire that rocking body.” She had a baby a month back? She could be an inspiring workout buddy. In the meantime, ladies, do not get your guy notice that. If she has been noticed, have a look around, you would definitely get a mom who is in a bad shape than yourself.  Pradeep, my husband get to hear – “Have you seen xyz??? If I was fat, I would have been like her!?”.
Baby No! – Mom
The kid tries to jump off that slide, “No baby”. The kid runs to next ride and she has to get up and follow him, “No baby”.  “No, do it this way, Darling,”.  this mom will not only direct her child as to what playground item to play on next, but will tell you and your child what to do as well. She may be the one who is continuously on her latest iPhone. “Yes yes… The presentation was awesome”. Beta don’t go there. “ya… Oh you got those stilettos!!!”
The Poor mom
There’s no missing this one. She’s exhausted! She’s broke! She is Poor lady. Her kid is at its best at throwing tantrums. He/she is lying flat on the grass or the worst in the middle of a slide when 4-5 children are waiting patiently for the slide to get clear. What the kid is doing lying there? Crying at the top of his voice. Nothing is going to calm that child. He himself has forgotten why he started crying. He is just – aaaa   uuuuu….. His eyes are flooded with tears, his cheeks have gone blood red and the poor mom is trying everything in the world – Get up beta. Beta at least tell me what happened. Ok, get up and we would have a chocolate. Look there is a peacock. See the aunty is saying – haaaww, such a bad baby!!!. Get up now… or you are going to have the worst moment of your life. Ok fine. Keep lying here. I am going.
But here’s what’s actually pretty good about this mama: You’re off the hook when it comes to small talk. You don’t have to contribute anything but a few nods.
My nine month 11 kg kid does not eat anything – mom
She is running behind her kid all the time with a box of sandwiches, a fruit, or water. She’s convinced that her child is on the verge of starvation and that it’s only a matter of time before he faints from malnourishment.  And the child of course he is starved to death. He is doing whatever he can do not have that food. Deny, run away, cry, plead, take in mouth and throw away. Everything!!! Reyansh? My kid? He would pretend he is not listening. If he does, he would poke his finger into my own mouth and try to push the eatable into my mouth
The perfect mom           
All the moms, no need to feel guilty. All the fathers, no need to go back and give an example to your better half. And all those who are still not parents, no need to look up for some one. This “Perfect Mom” does not exist.
Every mom is funny In her own way. But, don’t forget that she is funny because she loves you. She would anything in world to get a hug from you and see that little twinkle in your eye whenever you smile. She does not have any other task in the world but her child. I learned this after I was born again on 7th april 2012 – the day I became “Ma”.
So, repeat after me – “Mummy,”. “I Love You”. Excellent, now do not forget to reciprocate it to your mom! Thanks.

Below was the evaluation:-

  • Met the objectives
  • Good use of body language
  • Constructive suggestion would be – try and make your pauses bit smaller.
Timer report – 6 minutes 2 seconds
Grammarian Report –
  • used he-hear-her for him/her
  • Used “that” does not exist, but corrected herself for a human– “She” does not exist.
Ah Counter Report
·         Used cannot – not turn around (Although, I do not think it was mistake since it was meant to speak like this)

·         Used like-like twice
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