Enable ‘Create a new Excel report’ option in HP-ALM

Excel Reports in Quality Center or HP-ALM have always been quite useful in extracting various reports. One of the many advantages has been to export test cases from ALM to excel sheet for convenient use and reporting

From HP-ALM version 12, the option to ‘Create New Excel Report’ is disabled by default. It means, the user cannot create new excel report, but can view, edit and run existing reports (if any) from previous versions.

ALM: Create New Excel Report Option Missing
ALM: Create New Excel Report Option Missing
ALM: Existing Excel Reports
ALM: Existing Excel Reports
 However, the option to ‘Create New Excel Report’ can be enabled by site configuration parameter – ‘ENABLE_CREATE_LEGACY_EXCEL_REPORT’. Following are the steps to do so:
  1. Login to ALM site administration.
  2. Navigate to ‘Site Configuration’ tab.
    ALM: Site Admin Site Configuration
    ALM: Site Admin Site Configuration
  3. Look for the parameter – ‘ENABLE_CREATE_LEGACY_EXCEL_REPORT’. Double click to configure it.
  4. If the above parameter is not found, the site admin can create it by clicking ‘New’. Enter the details as below.
    ALM: Site Admin Site Configuration New Parameter
    ALM: Site Admin Site Configuration New Parameter

  5. Please note that the parameter name is case sensitive and must be entered in all Capital letters.
  6. Click Ok.
ALM: Site Admin Site Configuration Excel Report Parameter
ALM: Site Admin Site Configuration Excel Report Parameter

The users must log off and login again in order to see the changes being effective.
ALM: Create New Excel Report Option Enabled
ALM: Create New Excel Report Option Enabled

HP QC/ALM Create Project – ‘failed to get tablespace info’

This is the second time I faced this issue and actually scolded myself for not documenting before. Here goes the problem.

When when the user click ‘Next’ on following step:

Following error message is displayed:

This is generally because of the password mismatch for ‘System’ user in corresponding Database.

The user need to contact the Database Administrator ion order to get the issue resolved (DBA team generally does not share the password for ‘System’ user.).

Following information is needed while contacting the DB:
1. Server Name – Displayed on the window above.

Sometimes. the DBA might also ask for the connection string or the ‘SID’ for the Database server. The same can be fetched from:
QC SiteAdmin -> DB Servers

Following are the steps to update the password:
1. Select the required DB server from left panel.
2. Click on ‘Database Administrator Password’. Following window would be displayed.
3. Ask the DBA to input latest DB password for System user and click OK.
4. Click at ”Connection String’. Following window would be displayed.
5. Click on ‘Test Connection’. Following window would be displayed.

6. Do not update the password (It would be automatically updated) and click OK.
7. If the password is correct and connection is established, message ‘The Connection String is Ok’ is displayed as below: 
8. Click OK, Close the ‘Ping DB Server’ popup and Connection string editor window.
9 Go back to ‘Site Projects’ and try creating a project again. HP-ALM should now successfully pass through the erroneous step as mentioned above.

Adding or Removing Site administrators in HP ALM

Users of HP ALM can be added as site administrators. This can only be done by other site administrators. The first site administrator is created at the time of installation. Before adding the user as site administrator, it must be made sure that the user is added in HP-ALM. If the user is not added to HP-ALM, the site administrator window would not list the same in it’s find section.
Following are the steps to add site administrators in HP ALM.
1. Login to HP ALM Site Administrator URL.
2. Click on ‘Site Users’ tab.
3. Click on ‘Site Administrators’ button.
4. Site Administrators window with list of existing site administrators is opened.
5. Click on add button
6. ALM users can be found by typing their names in find box. Once the match is found, the username would be highlighted in gray color.
7. Click on ‘Add Selected Item’ button on top. The user would be added as Site Administrator.
8. Similarly, the already added Site Administrators can be removed by selecting the user and clicking Remove button from the top.

    Quality Center QC Error : ACCESS VIOLATION AT ADDRESS IN MODULE abc.ocx . Read of address

    Some times, we get access violation error at some address on some of the functions in quality center.

     99% of cases when i got this error was when i tried copy and paste in quality center. The copy paste would work fine for some time and suddenly, it would stop working.

    The solution i have found to resolve it is as below:-

    I recommend that our users follow this procedure to make sure that IE has a clean startup.

    1. Close all instances of IE and all instances of Windows Explorer.
    2. Open task manager and kill the explorer.exe process (don’t close task manager at this point….otherwise use ctrl-alt-del to get back to Task Manager). Click File –> New Task (run)  –>  type explorer.exe and hit enter.
    3. Open a new browser and try to access Quality Center again.

    IE and Windows explorer and the desktop explorer.exe process are intertwined and can hold onto certain session parameters and not get cleaned up if you don’t restart all of them at the same time.

    I know it is a pain…..but it seems to clear up the problem.

    For a shortcut, you may also just close the window in which QC has been opened and start a new session.