SAP Warning Message – “A script is attempting to access/attach SAP GUI” Upon Running Automated Script

While running an automated script on SAP GUI, a warning message – “A script is attempting to access SAP GUI” is displayed.

In some cases, the message can also be – “A script is trying to attach to GUI“. The solution to both is same.
This warning can be disabled with following steps:
  1. Launch to your SAP GUI application manually.
  2. Navigate to ‘Options’ as below or press “Alt F12” and click ‘Options.
    1. Select “Accessibility & Scripting”.

        1. Expand ‘Accessibility & Scripting’ and select “Scripting”.
        2. If the warning message is being thrown, the option “Notify when a script attaches to SAP GUI” would be checked. Un-check following options:
          1. Notify when a script attaches to SAP GUI
          2. Notify when a script opens a connection. Click “Apply” followed by “OK”.

        3. Please note that since the notification is now disabled, care must be taken to prevent the system from plausible threats and unwanted applications.