HP QC/ALM Create Project – ‘failed to get tablespace info’

This is the second time I faced this issue and actually scolded myself for not documenting before. Here goes the problem.

When when the user click ‘Next’ on following step:

Following error message is displayed:

This is generally because of the password mismatch for ‘System’ user in corresponding Database.

The user need to contact the Database Administrator ion order to get the issue resolved (DBA team generally does not share the password for ‘System’ user.).

Following information is needed while contacting the DB:
1. Server Name – Displayed on the window above.

Sometimes. the DBA might also ask for the connection string or the ‘SID’ for the Database server. The same can be fetched from:
QC SiteAdmin -> DB Servers

Following are the steps to update the password:
1. Select the required DB server from left panel.
2. Click on ‘Database Administrator Password’. Following window would be displayed.
3. Ask the DBA to input latest DB password for System user and click OK.
4. Click at ”Connection String’. Following window would be displayed.
5. Click on ‘Test Connection’. Following window would be displayed.

6. Do not update the password (It would be automatically updated) and click OK.
7. If the password is correct and connection is established, message ‘The Connection String is Ok’ is displayed as below: 
8. Click OK, Close the ‘Ping DB Server’ popup and Connection string editor window.
9 Go back to ‘Site Projects’ and try creating a project again. HP-ALM should now successfully pass through the erroneous step as mentioned above.