Removing Port Number from QC/ALM URL

We had been struggling to get rid of the port number in qc URL. Finally, we got it done with the help of HP Support.
Below is the solution we have found to remove the port number 8080 from QC URL:

  1. Update the port number to 80 in configuration files of the application. In this case, they were ‘’ and ‘jetty.xml’.
  2. The ALM service would not start now as port 80 is likely to be used by other processes.
  3. Release port number 80 from all processes.
    • The command “netstat -o -n -a | findstr 0.0:80” help us find out if the port is being used or not.
    • If any website in IIS points to port 80, update the same.
  4. Start the ALM service
  5. Re-Start any other services stopped.

In this case, we stopped 3 services – World Wide Web Publishing Service, Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) Service and IIS Admin Service