What is Mobile Application or Mobile App

With the advancement of technology, the mobile phone has advanced at rapid fast speed. There was a time when we were surprised that we could take pictures and videos from mobile phone. Before people could digest it properly, came a device that makes calls, plays videos, takes pictures, and receive/send email, more. All this with a regular phone! They are definitely smart – Smartphone. Carrying a small phone is almost equivalent to carrying a pocket-sized personal computer. They have an operating system of their own such as Google’s Android or Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

Mobile Application or Mobile App
As per Wikipedia, A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on smartphonestablet computers and other mobile devices.
Anyone who uses a smartphone/tablet most probably uses apps. There is hardly any task which cannot be done on a smartphone/tablet as compared to traditional desktops/laptops. There are thousands of apps available for all operating systems. Name a thing or game, and we have a mobile app for it – News, Weather, chatting, Facebook, email, moves, trains, flights, everything.
While most applications function independently, but some of them integrate with tools in other media. For example, some websites have a different user interface for mobile and desktop version, while others have a separate app for the same – like Facebook. There are some apps which use location-based features  – like maps, weather etc.
How to download and use an app
Straight answer would be – A mobile app is used on a smartphone like iphone, Samsung S2/3/4 etx series, HTC mobiles etc or a tablet like – iPad, tab etc. It is to be noted that all apps do not work on all devices. It depends on the operating systems – ios, Android etc. For example, there is an app called iTunes – which works only on ios devices – iPhone/iPad.
The app needs to be downloaded on the device to use. All operating systems have their online app-stores from where, the users can search and download and install the apps. Some of the apps are free for use while some of them may charge the users. For example, the Facebook app is free for use on all devices and operating systems while the ‘what’s app’ charges ios users a one-time fees and is free for other operating systems (not sure if that’s updated now).

Types of Mobile Applications:
1. Native App
2. Web App
3. Hybrid App

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