Quality Center QC Error : ACCESS VIOLATION AT ADDRESS IN MODULE abc.ocx . Read of address

Some times, we get access violation error at some address on some of the functions in quality center.

 99% of cases when i got this error was when i tried copy and paste in quality center. The copy paste would work fine for some time and suddenly, it would stop working.

The solution i have found to resolve it is as below:-

I recommend that our users follow this procedure to make sure that IE has a clean startup.

1. Close all instances of IE and all instances of Windows Explorer.
2. Open task manager and kill the explorer.exe process (don’t close task manager at this point….otherwise use ctrl-alt-del to get back to Task Manager). Click File –> New Task (run)  –>  type explorer.exe and hit enter.
3. Open a new browser and try to access Quality Center again.

IE and Windows explorer and the desktop explorer.exe process are intertwined and can hold onto certain session parameters and not get cleaned up if you don’t restart all of them at the same time.

I know it is a pain…..but it seems to clear up the problem.

For a shortcut, you may also just close the window in which QC has been opened and start a new session.

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  1. Anonymous

    I had this problem on opening QC.Following you process i could solve this.Thanks a lot

  2. Anonymous

    We have followed the same steps the issue got resolved. Thanks a lot

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