Toastmasters – Project#4- How to Say It – What is ToastMasters – Overview

I do not know why, but I decided to redo my project 4. In our organization, we brief the new hires about Toastmasters during their induction program. The briefing includes “Overview”, “Educational Program” and “Value”. I took up the “Overview” part and converted it into my speech for Project 4.
22nd October, 1924, Ralph C. Smedley (Founder of Toastmaster) met with some enthusiastic people at a basement in California. Their objective was – “to Plan, Prepare and Practice” a technique to prosper socially. Probably, It was this day when the word “ToastMasters” was used for the very first time.
Let’s see how many people in this room know anything about Toastmasters.
First, let me ask people who have not heard of it – What come to your mind when you hear the term Toastmasters?
Now, may I ask people who said yes – What do you know about Toastmasters?
To define it, Toastmasters is a non-profit organization headquartered at Rancho Santa California that helps people develop Speaking and leadership skills.
It has more than 2, 92,000 members
Over 14350 clubs spread over 122 countries.
Before I brief about its functioning, answer yourself –
Am I afraid of Public Speaking?
Am I a Leader?
Addressing people and Leading people is what we do at toastmasters.
We improve ourselves by participating in meetings, workshops and events.
At the meeting, we make it a point to meet up once in a week and-
  1. take up roles of Speaker, evaluator, Joke Master to keep the faces smiling and many more
  2. Roles are honored, participants perform, get evaluated and most important – “APPLAUDED”. Yes we do applaud a lot to encourage the speaker. We actually find an opportunity to clap.
  3. The most awaited and My Favorite section is the “Table Topic” which help enhance-encourage and improve impromptu speeches.
Friends, I would request you to go back and ask yourself 2 questions which we asked earlier –
Am I afraid of public speaking?
Am I a leader?
If the answer is yes, PLEASE join us to help create leaders and face their fears.
If the answer is no, Toastmasters is the place for you to start overcoming your fears and become a Leader.

I would hand over the dais to our DCP coordinator.