Team Building Activity – Let’s Motivate Each Other

We have started a new team building activity in our team called –“Let’s motivate each other”.
Here it goes –
  • Decide 2-3 people within the team for which each member has to think about a positive quality that person have in him/her.
  • Have a 30 minutes meeting and one by one, let each member tell everybody tell what is the positive quality they think about them.
  • Take a sheet of paper with heading – ‘What People Think About Me…” and ask each member to write 1 liner or 2-3 words of their opinion about the person/s decoded. There would obviously be different sheet for each person.
  • Pin the sheet on their desks so that they may feel good about themselves every time they see that… 🙂
  • Continue above steps until all members are covered. 

Reference –

We did the first round for 5 people in our team and it was wonderful. Everybody was smiling as there was nothing to worry because no critics were there. People felt good about themselves.
We purposely decided not to discuss point need to be worked upon or improve, because we wanted to let people know what they are good at and keep doing that. I got a point which I sometimes felt negative about myself, but when people said that in my positive behaviors, I know that “No Amita, you should continue doing that…”
To be frank, we did it for a team contest in our organization, but whatever the reason was, output was brilliant…!!!
We won the contest 😀
May be after some time, we may do the same exercise for points to be improved.