Automation Framework: Modular Automation Framework

A Modular Automation Testing Framework is also one of the most basic type of automation framework. In Modular Automation Framework, each business module/functionality is separated out and handled independently. It is also known as ‘Test Script Modularity Framework’.

The Modular Automation Testing Framework requires the creation of small, independent scripts that represent modules, sections, and functions of the application-under-test. These small scripts are then used in a hierarchical fashion to construct larger tests, realizing a particular test case. 


  • It reduces test Automation time.
  • Performance is high than recording and playback.
  • Execution and debugging is possible while you are building a component.
  • Less usage of keywords,no concentration on Data driven testing and low performance than latest Frameworks like Keyword Driven Framework..

Types of Modular driven Framework

  1.  Test Script Modularity Framework: Enables creation of Small, Independent Scripts representing  Modules & Functions of the Application under Test (AUT).
  2. Test Library Architecture Framework: Enables creation of Library Files representing Modules & Functions of the Application under Test (AUT)

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