Automation Framework

A test automation framework can be defined as a compilation of assumptions, concepts, and practices that provide support for automated software testing.

Framework comprises support programs, processes, code libraries etc to help develop and glue together the different components in a project.

Physically, Frame work is nothing but a collection of folder structure and placing all files into corresponding folders.

Problems with Record/Playback Process:-

A general conception about automation tools is that they can be used easily by using their record and playback feature. The process followed in record and playback (also called as Capture/Replay) approach is:-

  • Record the user actions using the capture/record feature of the automation testing tool. 
  • It results in an auto generated script. 
  • Complete the test cases by adding verification points in the script.  
  • Add delay and wait state points where the different actions need to be synchronized. 
  • Playback the scripts and log the results in a test management tool. 

The above process results in following issues:-

  • The script contains hard coded values which must be changed every time there is some change in the Application. 
  • The scripts are not reliable. Even if the application does not change, the scripts often fail on replay because of unhandled scenarios which were not recorded. 
  • If the tester makes an error entering data, etc., the test must be re-recorded 
  • If the application changes the test must be re-recorded. 
  • This method turns out to be costly (time consuming) in long run.