Software Testing Life Cycle

Software Testing, being an important part of any project has it’s own life cycle.

Software Testing Life Cycle is divided into following Phases:

* Proposal/Contract.
                     –Analyze scope of project, Prepare Contract, Review of Contract, Release.

                     –Identify Test Requirements and risk assessment.
                     –Identify Resources.
                     –Project Plan and test strategy.

* Testing Requirements Specification (TRS) Design.
                     –Product requirements document.

                     –Identify acceptance criteria.
                     –Document product Definition, Testing Strategies.
                     –Define problem reporting procedures.

*Designing Phase
                     –Generate Test plans.

                     –Schedule the testing process.
                     –Setup test environment.
                     –High level test plan.
                     –Design Test Cases, define expected results.
                     –Decide if any set of test cases to be automated.
                     –Prepare Traceability matrix.
* Testing.
                     –Testing – Initial test cycles, bug fixes and re-testing.

                     –Final Testing and Implementation.
                     –Setup database to track components of the automated testing system, i.e. reusable modules.
                     –Verify results.
                     –Defect management

* Inspection and Release.
                     –Evaluate Testing activities

                     –Final Review of Testing.
                     –Metrics to measure improvement

* Client Acceptance

                     –Replication of Product Product Delivery Records Submission Client Sign-off .