Mercury Screen Recorder: MSR or HP Screen Recorder

Mercury Screen Recorder or HP Screen Recorder is an add-on provided by HP Quality Center/ALM which enables users to capture movies of events on their PC/screen. The users can use these movies to report bugs back to development teams.
Details for downloading compatible versions can be seen on below link:
Below are some of the salient features of Mercury Screen Recorder:
  1. Easy to operate
  2. Built-in Movie Editor
  3. Availability of Exporting the Movies to Different Formats There are five file formats that can be exported from Mercury Screen Recorder:
·         Standalone EXE
·         Flash
·         AVI
·         Windows Media Video (WMV)
·         MS PowerPoint
There are two separate applications included in a Mercury Screen Recorder installation: the Recorder and the Player.
  • The Recorder application records what happens on your Windows desktop and saves this as a movie file. It can also record a spoken commentary, if you have a microphone connected to your PC.
  • The Player application plays back movie files created by the Recorder, to display a recreation of what was seen during recording. The Player can also be used to edit, annotate and export the movies to other file formats.
Prerequisites for using MSR:
  1. Quality Center client must be installed, or Mercury Screen Recorder will not run.
  2. User must be able to connect and authenticate to Quality Center server.
  3. Mercury Screen Recorder will use one ‘Defect’ licence on the connected Quality Center server while running.

Following are the steps to Install Mercury Screen Recorder: 
  1. Open http://qualitycenter:8080/qcbin/ 

  2. Click on “Add-ins” link. 
  3. Click on “More Mercury Quality Center Add-ins” link. 
  4. Click on “Mercury Screen Recorder Add-in” under section “Others”. 
  5. Mercury Screen Recorder add-in page as shown above will be opened. 
  6. Click on “Download Add-in” link.
  7. Either “Save” it on your machine or click on “Run”. 
  8. Again click on “Run” on security warning window. 
  9. Mercury Screen Recorder is installed on your machine. 
  10. Check Start–> All program –> Quality Center 9.0 –> Mercury Screen Recorder.
In addition to the salient features, following are some more advantages of Mercury Screen Recorder:

  1. Tester need not waste time in typing the steps to reproduce and attaching snapshots. The same can be      recorder by the tester.
  2. The recording can be directly attached to a defect in Quality Center.
  3. Saves time, prevents confusion/conflicts.
  4. Movie watching is always better than reading.
  5. Can also be used to record a demo on applications which may also be saved for further reference.