Quality Center QC Error : ACCESS VIOLATION AT ADDRESS IN MODULE abc.ocx . Read of address

Some times, we get access violation error at some address on some of the functions in quality center.

 99% of cases when i got this error was when i tried copy and paste in quality center. The copy paste would work fine for some time and suddenly, it would stop working.

The solution i have found to resolve it is as below:-

I recommend that our users follow this procedure to make sure that IE has a clean startup.

1. Close all instances of IE and all instances of Windows Explorer.
2. Open task manager and kill the explorer.exe process (don’t close task manager at this point….otherwise use ctrl-alt-del to get back to Task Manager). Click File –> New Task (run)  –>  type explorer.exe and hit enter.
3. Open a new browser and try to access Quality Center again.

IE and Windows explorer and the desktop explorer.exe process are intertwined and can hold onto certain session parameters and not get cleaned up if you don’t restart all of them at the same time.

I know it is a pain…..but it seems to clear up the problem.

For a shortcut, you may also just close the window in which QC has been opened and start a new session.

Link a defect with test case in Quality Center (QC).

When we raise a defect from the run window while running a test case, it is automatically linked to the test case. But, a user may raise a defect directly from defects tab and then link it to the required test case.
Below image shows (column) circled in blue oval) defects which are linked to a test case and defects which are not linked to any test case.

Now, to link a defect, navigate to the test lab tab and open the required test case by double clicking it.

Click on Linked defects tab.

Click on by id as shown above. A popup asking to enter the defect id to be linked to the test case will be shown. Enter the defect id and click Link.
Click Close.

Export Test Cases from Quality Center (QC) to excel-with design steps

I have been looking for this since very long. I thought this cannot be done till i learned excel reports in quality center.

So, follow the following steps to export test cases along with design steps from quality center to excel sheet. You must be added as an administrator to the project in order to perform below steps:-

1. Identify the Test ID’s of test cases you want to export. Normally, it would be in sequence like from – 79 to 80.

2. Go to Tools –> Excel Reports

2. Under Public folder, click ‘New Excel Report’ icon on top left corner.

3. A dialog box asking for report name would populate. Type in the report Name and click Ok.

4.Type some description about your report.

5. Click on Query Tab.

6. Copy and paste the below query in sheet1.

and TEST.TS_TEST_ID between 79 and 305

7. Click on the ‘Test Query’ button  to test the query. This would compile the query and report errors if any. Also, It would provide a snapshot of the results.

We normally name out test cases in specific formats and they normally contain the test set folder or project name in them.

so below query may be used as an alternative:-






8. Click on ‘General Setting’ tab and type the path where the excel file needs to be exported in the text box.

9. Again come back to the query tab and click on ‘Run Query’.

10. Click on ‘Generate Excel Report’ icon on top left corner.

11. Following message would be displayed. Click Yes.

12. Again, the ‘Save report’ window would come. Specify the path of report and click ‘Save’.

13. The report generation may take some time depending on the amount of data.

14. Once generated, the excel sheet would open up itself. If not opened, navigate to the path specified.

Quality Center QC Error : Following client components were not downloaded sucessuflly – Windows 7

While running quality center for the first time on a windows 7 machine, following error is displayed stating that some client components were not downloaded sucessfully:-

Following client components were not downloaded sucessuflly:

1. MercResourceLogger.dll:
Failed to open for writing
2. TdComandProtocol.exe:
Failed to open for writing

3. WebClient.dll:
Failed to open for writing

4. sr_exec_agnt.exe:
Failed to open for writing

5. OTAClient.dll:
Failed to open for writing
6. SRunner.ocx:
Failed to open for writing

7. QCClientRasUI.ocx:
Failed to open for writing
8. Free_MSR_Player.exe:
Failed to open for writing

The issue generally gets resolved by running the internet explorer with administrative rights.
To resole above issue, following steps also do the task:-

• Go to control panel

• Click on User Accounts

• Change User Account Control Settings

• Bring security bar to minimum

• Restart your computer and try

Upload Test cases from Excel to Quality Center(QC)

Writing Test Cases directly to QC is quite a cumbersome task. So To simplify the process, We can create the test cases in an excel sheet and then upload them to QC.
To do so, we have to make sure that the columns used in excel match with the fields/data which we enter in QC. I will explain the steps using an example,–

1. Suppose we have created the test cases in excel in below

2. Now, next step would be to install the excel addin for QC. To do so, follow the following steps:-
    a. Launch Quality Center
    b. Click on Addins link
    c. Click on More QC Addins link
    d. We can go through the Guide also or this step can be skipped
    e. Click on “download …” link
    f. Follow the steps of installation
    g. Restart the system

3. Now open the excel sheet containing test cases ns select only the part which needs to be uploaded as shown in the picture below.

4. Now go to Tools—>Export to Quality Centre. Following window would be displayed. Login with valid credentials.

5.Click on Next and login with valid credentials. Click Next again.

6. Select the respective domain and project.

7. Select ‘Tests’ Radio button and click Next.

8. Select New Map to store the settings. Give a map name and click next.

9. Now, we have to map each column in our excel sheet to specific fields in QC. To do so, click on following from the quality center valued displayed in window and give their respective column numbers.

10. Window would look like this after selecting all values. Click on next button.

11. Above steps will upload the test cases in QC at path ‘Iteration1ModuleABCxyz’. We can view them in Qc now.
Donot mention the root directory.
If the xyz folder is not present  at Iteration1ModuleABC in QC, it would be created.
similarly, if the ModuleABC folder itself is not present at Iteration1, The folder and subfolder mentioned would be created.

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