QTP – Menu bar / Menu Items missing

Some times, we face problems with QTP menu bar. The menu bar disappears or some menu items disappear from the tool bar.

To enable missing items or display all menu items in the tool bar, follow the following steps:-
1. Right click any where in the tool bar area.
2. Click Customize
3. Go to toolbars tab
4. Click on Restore all button.

To enable missing items or display all menu items in the menu bar, follow the following steps:-
1. Go to Start page of QTP
2. Go to Tools–>Options
3. In the general section, click on Restore Layout button.

35 thoughts on “QTP – Menu bar / Menu Items missing”

  1. I performed operation on qtp tools.
    the qtp menu bar is not showing files menu and all menu bar options plese can u help me for visible all menu options

  2. Hi,
    I was not able to select the menu bar check box due to some problem. By using the second option it worked.

    Thanks for the Valuable solution.


  3. Thank you its really work
    i tried so many option i wasted 2 days for that, but i didnt get solution, now its working.
    Thank you thanks a lot……..

  4. Hi all,
    Can anybody help me out of this issue,,,,, when am opening qtp->Tools–>Options–>Run(Tab)is nothing showing details where i need to select a check box which is "accept other than HP …"
    nothing is showing only Run tab the remaining working fine only Run tab and ScreenCapture (subtab) is not working i have uninstalled and formatted the PC and reinstalled qtp still it is not resolved (OS is server 2008 Enterprise) i have seen one of my friend laptop it is working fine but my laptop am not able to solve this …….plz can anybody help out of this issuee…..

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