Common Myths/Misconceptions about Automation Testing

Software Test Automation is often associated with some common misconceptions and myths. These myths generally lead to Failure of automation processes:-

  • It’s magic viel
    • Time is an important factor when it comes to automation. Management want all the test cases to be automated asap  whici ofteen lead to unrealistic expectations. Time is required to be invested to develop framework and a basic approach which will work in long run.
  • Immediate Test Effort Reduction
    • We must understand that the introduction of automated test tools will not immediately reduce the test effort.
  •  Immediate Reduction in Schedule.
    • An automated test tool will not immediately minimize the testing schedule.
    • Once an automated testing process has been established and effectively implemented, the project can expect to experience gains in productivity and turnaround time that have a positive effect on schedule and cost.
  • Universal Application of AST.
    • Not all tests can be automated.
  • 100% Test Coverage.
    • Even with automation, not everything can be tested.
  •  Equating Capture/Playback to AST.
    • Hitting a Record button doesn’t produce an effective automated script.
  • Cost benifits.
    • Very early returns from automation are expected, which cannot be achieved initially. It is assumed that, now we have automated 90% of the test cases which is running well in the system, lets cut the cost of few resources. What if something changes in the application which is very likely (otherwise – application is dead)which require changes in the script? here comes maintenance of the scripts which is always thrown as question to the automation engineer as – why we need to change this , it was working earlier?

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    1. Amita

      Thanks Himanshu…

    2. Unknown

      My Question is regarding updating object from application at run time:
      Is there any code to update object from applcation at run time?

    3. Amita

      Hi Rohit,

      You can use SetToProperty method.

      Browser().Page().Frame().WebButton("Ok").SetTOProperty("name =: LH")

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