Automation Framework: Types of Automation Framework

Automation Frameworks can be classified into following types: 

  • Linear Framework
    • Linear framework is the most simple of all the frameworks. Linear framework has individual scripts for each test case and is executed individually.
  • Modular Framework
    • In Modular Framework, the test is divided into reusable functionalities also called as actions, so that they can be used in any test.
  • Data Driven Framework
    • Data driven framework is a systematic approach to test an application. In data-driven framework test input and output values are read/write from/to data files (Mostly Excel files) and are loaded into variables in captured or manually coded scripts.
  • Keyword Driven Framework
    • Keyword Driven framework is also known as table-driven or action-word driven framework.In this framework, an application map is defined including it’s objects, components, actions and an expected value for each component.
  • Hybrid Automation Framework
    • Hybrid framework is the combination of all of the above techniques, pulling from their strengths and trying to minimize their weaknesses.