Software Testing Definition

Welcome testers!!! to the world of software testing.
Here, we will try and share everything about Software Testing.

According to the classic definition of Myers “Software Testing is the process of executing a program or system with the intent of finding errors.

There are different versions of definitions available. Some of them are:
  • Testing is ‘questioning’ a product in order to ‘evaluate’ it” ~ James Bach
  • Testing is a process of gathering information by making observations and comparing them to expectations. ~ Dale Emery and Elisabeth Hendrickson
  • A test is an experiment designed to reveal information, or answer a specific question, about the software or system. ~ Dale Emery and Elisabeth Hendrickson

For me, I would say that Software testing is the process of evaluation a software application/project to detect and report differences between given input and expected output in order to make sure that it meets the customer requirements.

 Thus, Software Testing can also be defined as the activity or process which involves verification, validation of a software program to find out if it meets the business and technical specifications of requirements and providing a detailed defect report at the end of every iteration.